« Every child deserves a high-quality education »

Rodolphe Carle, Co-Founder & Co-President

In our nurseries, daycares and schools, the quality of the experience comes first

We strive for social progress all over the world

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We build a better world !

We support the emotional and cognitive development of children in the first 1000 days of their lives.

We teach future generations to take care of the planet.

We help women to reconcile work and family life.

We promote gender balance and equal opportunities.

We promote the acceptance of disability.

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A unique educational promise

Our people are united by a common educational mission with 3 developmental goals for the kids :

  • Believe in him or herself
  • Learning all the time
  • Exploring the world

This common educational mission respects local curriculums in each country.

We focus on high quality centers.

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We're a community of entrepreneurs

We are eco-citizens fully committed to building a better world.

We share strong values :

  • Team spirit
  • Kindness
  • Commitment

Our community of employees and entrepreneurs, passionate about education, wants to contribute to building a better world through the education of the youngest.

Discover our centers everywhere in the world

We welcome more than 57 000 families in 10 countries

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Quality education for the next generations

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