New Blossom nursery opening In Abu Dhabi

Our family is growing ! We are excited to announce the opening the brand new Blossom Zayed City center in Abu Dhabi.

In the Middle East, Babilou Family started its journey in 2014 by launching its core french brand Babilou with 3 nurseries in Dubai. Babilou brand’s full educational mission is to place the child at the centre with 3 key developmental aims: Self-confidence and self-esteem, languages and strong basic learnings, positive relationships with an openness to the world.

In order to be closer to each family’s need and expectation, about 10 years ago, the Group acquired one of the most established and trusted nursery providers in Dubai: Blossom. A brand that had the same vision and values as the Group, simply founded on the triple P principles (people, planet, prosperity). Blossom is following a modern British Curriculum based on the EYFS framework, setting strong educational standards to all their nurseries. As they consider each child being unique, they provide the most suitable environment for their learning and development. The focus is not only on the child’s academic but also teaching long term everyday life skills aimed to foster their independence and social development. Since every child develops at his/her own pace, it is important to have an even fuller understanding of the child’s holistic learning and thus Blossom curriculum is blending with the best practices from other approaches, such as Reggio Emilia, Emmi Pikler and Maria Montessori.

Both Blossom and Babilou nurseries strongly believe in the importance of exposing children to foreign languages, especially here in the UAE. While the majority of their families is expats, they ensure to provide opportunities for learning other languages and cultures. In addition to this, research reveals children proficient in other languages also show signs of enhanced creativity and mental flexibility. Therefore Blossom and Babilou nurseries offer a trilingual program: English, Arabic and French, through a modernised, interactive approach led by native teachers.

Blossom's new nursery is located in the heart of Zayed City, close to 2 prestigious schools, the British International School and Abu Dhabi University, with which they have strong partnerships to offer their families and employees a unique experience at Blossom for their little ones. Blossom Zayed City is purposely built and has an incredible modern, eco-friendly look and feel as well as Blossom’s largest outdoor area; featuring a large sandpit, swings, obstacle course and water play tables. They can welcome up to 100 children from 8 weeks to 4 years old and have a plan to extend till 6 years old very soon. To celebrate this newest baby of the family, the leaders of the Babilou Family Group, Xavier Ouvrard (Global CEO), Damien Martin (Chief Finance Officer), Benoit Lamezec (VP Digital & Marketing), visited from France, only for 24 hours, in order to be present during this very unique event for the Group. While the guitarist played touching music in the background, they had the pleasure to say thank you and celebrate with all their partners, the nursery team as well as head office members in the Middle East until late that night. Blossom Zayed City finally closed its door with a lovely family vibe and reopened the day after to welcome each child to their second home.

Registrations are now open for the September term.

Call us from the Emirates on 800nursery for more information and stay tuned !


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