Babilou pursues its ambition to bring high-quality education to children around the world by expanding into China

As part of the official delegation of the French President’s State Visit to China from November 4 to 6, 2019, Rodolphe Carle and Edouard Carle, the two founders of the Babilou Group, the French and European leader of corporate and municipal daycare centers, will sign a strategic partnership in China on November 6. Babilou is pursuing its international development with the acquisition of the Chinese daycare network Grace Preschool Education. The Li family is joining forces with the Babilou Family community of entrepreneurs.

Grace Preschool 2

« We are very honored to announce this partnership in China alongside the French President and government during this extremely important visit for our country. This illustrates the growing attention on the importance of education and is an acknowledgement of the work of all our daycare professionals, who we commend for their commitment and professionalism. »

Rodolphe Carle and Edouard Carle, Co-Founders and Co-Presidents of Babilou.

A major entrepreneurial partnership

With more than 17 million births every year (around 12% of the worldwide total), China has the second highest demographic growth after India. Babilou’s majority stake in the Chinese Grace Preschool Education network is a strategic step forward for the French group.

Grace Preschool Education was founded in 2016 by the Li family. It is already present is seven Chinese provinces and welcomes nearly 10,000 young children mainly between the ages of three and six. With the demand from Chinese families rising sharply, Babilou and Grace Preschool Education are preparing to welcome more than 26,000 children in China by 2023.

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« Babilou and Grace Preschool Education complement each other perfectly. They lend their knowledge of their country, network and educational expertise on children ages three to six in China. We provide our experience and tools to support their growth as well as our expertise in caring for children ages zero to three. We have a shared passion for education and are working together to make this entrepreneurial venture successful. »

Rodolphe Carle and Edouard Carle.

With this partnership, Babilou’s worldwide capacity has increased from 31,000 to 41,000 daycare spots, which illustrates the scale of the project and the desire of Babilou’s entrepreneurs to become the global leader in Early Years Education (0-6 years).

In September 2019, Babilou announced the creation of Babilou Family in order to unite its global community of entrepreneurs around shared human and educational values: believing in yourself, learning all the time and exploring the world. Today, Babilou Family brings together entrepreneurs in 12 countries (France, Monaco, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Dubai, India, Singapore, Colombia, Argentina and the United States). The Li family has joined this passionate community of stakeholders working to make the world a better place by providing quality education across the globe.

China delegation photos

Babilou is now present in 13 countries where 50 million babies are born every year, accounting for one-third of all births worldwide. With 41,000 daycare spots, our centers welcome 60,000 children ages zero to six out of 300 million. This market offers immense opportunities for growth to meet the needs of families everywhere.

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