Values & Strategic Pillars

Our core values and strategic pillars drive all our actions daily

Our strong family values are helping to build a better world

We are a family-owned company that has progressively grown to become an international family, but we remain deeply attached to our core values : team spirit, kindness and commitment.

And we are ambitious. We focus on high quality and innovation, we prioritize ethical, responsible behavior and we aim for social progress and economic performance in equal measures.

We engage every member of our community in our vision of quality, education, innovation, social progress and economic performance because Babilou Family is more than a business, it’s a long-term effort to build a better world for all.

Discover our values Our three core values are brought to life by all our team members daily

Team Spirit

We believe in the talent of everyone, in their individual intelligence and sense of collective responsibility. We are united, we grow together.

  • Collective thinking, solidarity
  • Sharing information
  • Respecting each other and showing appreciation
  • Taking each other’s issues into account.


We take care of each other. We respect each other. We are kind and considerate, whether it’s towards children, parents, employees or partners.

  • Being attentive to others
  • Valorizing and encouraging each other’s efforts
  • Respecting the work of others
  • Expressing yourself positively


We are willing and dedicated. We act in full knowledge of our responsibilities towards children, families, employees and partners.

  • Being dedicated to your job
  • Assuming your responsibilities
  • Taking initiatives
  • Embodying the meaning of service

Our Strategic Pillars Our strategic pillars drive all our teams across the group

Quality, Best Early Years Education & Innovation

To make our rich pedagogical offer and innovative solutions accessible to everyone, our operational and interpersonal excellence, our impact on child development and on parent-child relationships have to be visible and explainable. That’s why the quality of our teams, our communication with families, our individual care and the health & safety of our environments are all key components of our quality referential and audits. We are rolling out our tried and proven management process all over the world.

Best Place To Work

To offer the best quality service, we have to offer our teams the best place to work. We have to lead by example, share and learn from one another and promote work/life balance. Thanks to our core leadership model and talent management approach, we attract people who share our vision and are as competent and motivated as us. We offer them an environment where they can develop individually and grow together long-term.

Social Responsibility

We are educating future generations in a fractured, fragile world.  It’s an enormous responsibility. Through education, we can all learn how to live together. We can learn to accept each other for what we are. We can learn how to save the planet. At Babilou Family, we promote living together, diversity and environmental protection in all our centers - and through the Babilou Family Foundation, all our employees can propose a project that contributes to a better world.

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