Values & Strategic Pillars

Our core values and strategic pillars drive all our actions daily


Our strong family values are helping to build a better world.

We are a family-owned company that has progressively grown to become an international family, but we remain deeply attached to our core values : team spirit, passion and  continuous learning.

And we are ambitious. We focus on high quality and innovation, we prioritize ethical, responsible behavior and we aim for social progress and economic performance in equal measures.

We engage every member of our community in our vision of quality, education, innovation, social progress and economic performance because Babilou Family is more than a business, it’s a long-term effort to build a better world for all.

Discover our values Our three core values are brought to life by all our team members daily

Team Spirit

We believe in the talent of everyone, in their individual intelligence and sense of collective responsibility. Together we grow: 

  • We support each other for individual and collective success
  • We value diversity to build better outcomes
  • We are kind respectful and trusting.


We are ambitious,  passionate and driven by a common purpose:

  • We do things with heart and care.
  • We enjoy getting people on board our collective mission.

Continuous Learning 

Leaders in education only if we have the humility to question ourseleves and to learn forever.

  • We are curious and aim for progress
  • We learn from each other all the time
  • We learn from the environment and everything around us.

Our Strategic Pillars Our strategic pillars drive all our teams across the group

People First

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Empower and enable our employees and our community of parents by being an actor of choice . Providing opportunities for professional development, creating a culture of transparency and trust, and fostering an inclusive environment that values diversity and encourages collaboration.




Pedagogy of Tomorrow

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Transforming pedagogy into action by committing to the highest quality standards and a dedication to incorporating the latest research, innovation, and edtech tools.

Planet at the core

Placing sustainability and impact on the planet as a critical level of all actions at all areas of Babilou Family is essential to creating a responsible and conscientious organization. By incorporating sustainability into its curriculum and teaching practices, Babilou Family can instill a sense of responsibility and awareness in children from an early age.

Positive Growth

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 Increasing our local impact on each territory we are in by opening new  childcare centers and making them more accessible is crucial to our mission of providing high-quality education and care for children and families. By increasing our local impact in this way, we can create a positive effect in the communities we serve, helping to build a more vibrant and thriving society for all.