Our locations in the Netherlands

Babilou Family, in the Netherlands

Service Office: Lepenhoeve 9B - 3438 MR NIEUWEGEIN

Our locations in the Netherlands


Based on our Christian identity, we provide a loving, safe and trusted second home where every child can develop optimally in his or her own unique way. Every child deserves a good start and guidance. It is a privilege that we can be of significance in the development and education of your child. And we do that together with you as a parent.


At BLOS childcare the well-being and development of your child are key in everything we do. Every child is unique and develops in its own way and at its own pace. It is important that your child feels safe at our day care, both with our pedagogical staff members and with the other children.


Our pillars (Sport, Culture, Nature & Adventure, Multimedia and Worldly) show who we are. A special offer, which we all really go for and which we are proud of. We look at and go along with the needs of parents, children and ourselves. We are progressive and want to be unique, inspiring for others. We seize opportunities and take risks. Sometimes we fall, but we always get up! We continue to develop and do what we say.