Babilou Family awarded with the EcoVadis silver medal

EcoVadis: the largest ESG rating organization

Created in 2007, EcoVadis is the largest and most reliable sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility rating organization, evaluating over 75,000 companies.

EcoVadis does much more than simple assessments. It analyzes the quality of the integration of ESG in the company's management system, taking into account the company's policy, the actions implemented and the results obtained.

In order to obtain an accurate assessment, it relies on international ESG experts, adapts its analysis according to the company's sector of activity, country and size, and bases its assessment on evidence.

If Babilou Family has been rewarded by EcoVadis, it is above all thanks to a committed ESG approach, articulated around three major components:

  • children and families;
  • the employees;
  • the planet.

Babilou Family promotes inclusion and diversity

So how does Babilou Family fit in with the policy of combating inequality?

As a player in early childhood and education, Babilou has a major role to play in the fight against social inequality. We have a duty to offer the same opportunities for success to every child, regardless of their social or territorial background or disability. In order for the crèche to be a real lever for reducing inequality and discrimination, children must still have access to it.

Babilou Family fights against discrimination and inequality

Babilou is committed to welcoming all families without discrimination in order to promote social integration and reduce inequalities from an early age.

At the head office and in the daycare center, Babilou Family supports its employees

Our commitment to society also applies within our company, to our employees. At Babilou Family, we apply the principle of "symmetry of attention". The quality of our daycare center is also applied to the reception of our employees. This is why we encourage the quality of relationships within our teams and support our employees in their professional and personal development. In general, we cultivate a professional environment where life is good so that each Babilou employee can fully develop in his or her work, thus enabling them to be invested and committed.

Environmental policy: how does Babilou Family meet the requirements?

Our ESG policy is also strongly focused on sustainable development.

It is no longer necessary to present the notion of sustainable development, nevertheless, each company should, must and will have to contribute to the challenges of sustainable development by integrating this notion at all levels of its organization, from governance to consumers, via employees and partners.

A long-term eco-responsible approach

It is with this objective in mind that Babilou Family wishes to be involved in long-term projects that will produce fundamentally beneficial effects. We have therefore decided to invest in technological innovation by experimenting with the first compostable diaper, for example. Every year, 3.5 billion diapers are thrown away.

Moreover, as everyone knows, there is strength in numbers and the battle against global warming is a collective one. This is why Babilou is participating with 149 other companies in the Convention des Entreprises pour le Climat (CEC). This 8-month project has a major objective: to make an ecological shift in line with the planetary challenges by trying to halve our carbon emissions by 2030.

Sustainable development at Babilou Family: a daily investment

While waiting for these projects to bear fruit, Babilou Family is also taking action on a daily basis, both at the head office and in the daycare centers. In particular, on the cleaning products that allow us to welcome children in safe and comfortable places.

As we know, the vast majority of cleaning products contain chemical substances that can harm people and the environment. We have therefore decided to turn to technological innovations based on ozonated water and probiotics to ensure sustainable cleaning. Products that are healthy, environmentally friendly, effective and reduce our waste production.

We are also committed to a policy of responsible and reasoned purchasing, whether it be for linens or toys, for example, in order to limit our environmental impact.

At Babilou Family , Quality and ESG are closely linked and grouped under the same management, in order to ensure a high quality welcome that takes into account the social and environmental concerns related to our activity.

Far from a sense of accomplishment, Babilou Family wishes to develop its ESG policy.

Obviously, the main objective is to maintain our high quality of care and the social and environmental actions already put in place, but we also want to accelerate our ESG approach and have an even stronger positive impact on our global environment.

Finally, by 2027, Babilou Family wants to achieve an exemplary level of ESG commitment by aiming for the gold medal awarded by EcoVadis.

These objectives are designed to meet our own requirements, as well as those of our customers.