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We help give children the best start in life

A top-quality early education experience tailored to each key stage of development

Across Europe, Asia, America and the Middle East, we offer children the best possible start in life and prepare them for the world to come. We focus on active learning methods that encourage curiosity, creativity, autonomy and teamwork to help them develop all their potential.

Between the ages of 0-6, children are developing the capacity to learn for the rest of their life. Every single experience forms the basis of their personality and their cognitive and emotional intelligence. Our warm, talented teachers bring out the best in them using methods inspired by the best pedagogical approaches in the world, brought to life in an environment designed and equipped especially for them.

Our global family


In Asia, Babilou Family operates over 64 centers in 2 countries. In India, Amelio’s World of Discovery curriculum was developed by a team of child experts after two years of research and combines best practices worldwide. In Singapore, Little Footprints takes a holistic approach to child development by combining theme-based active learning, progressive learning and experiential methods, while Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse focuses on curiosity, the first step to learning, through an inquiry-based approach that balances play with preparing for school.


Amelio MEPZ Center


Little Footprints Preschool, Punggol Beach


In America, Babilou Family operates over 62 centers in 3 countries. In the USA, Little Sprouts is leading the way with their Budding Scholars™ approach. Individualized for each child, it’s based on the most effective teaching methodologies and over 30 years’ experience. In South America , Origami in Colombia and Diálogos in Argentina are championing early years education with innovative, well-rounded curriculums that promote the physical, social, intellectual and emotional capacities of each child in their care.

United States of America

Little Sprouts Melrose center


Mondelez nursery


Mi Pequeño Mundo center


In Europe, Babilou Family operates over 850 centers in 6 countries. We offer a blend of the best curriculums: EYFS, Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Emmi Pikler. We focus on play-based learning methods that are adapted to meet local needs. In France, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, children are welcomed into a high-quality bilingual French / English environment. In Germany, the week is planned around the capacities of each child so that parents can follow their progress in four key domains: being strong, living together, creative expression and discovering the world.


Leman nursery


Babilou Montrouge nursery


Denk mit! Reutlingen nursery


Babilou Mies nursery

Middle East

Blossom is a leading early years education provider in the UAE, with 12 nurseries in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They offer a secure and stimulating environment where children can blossom at their own pace. Their enriched curriculum combines British EYFS targets (self- confidence & self-esteem, language development, positive relationships & openness to the world) with their very own sensory-based SkyGarden™  approach and Triple P Principles (People, Planet, Prosperity). Babilou is also present near Africa, with Crèche and Go on the Réunion island.

United Arab Emirates

Academic City nursery

Continuous Growth

Our international family has been growing since 2015 and we now have centers in 12 countries all over the world. Thanks to our unique business model and the quality of our teachers, premises and management system, we are bringing the best early education solutions to children, parents and employers everywhere to help shape a better tomorrow.