"The first 1000 days: where everything begins"

On the occasion of the International Day of November 20, France 5 broadcasted a new documentary, directed by Claire Lajeunie, on The first 1000 days of our children's lives, an essential foundation for their lives.

A crucial period which is characterized by an unparalleled rate of growth over a lifetime: the baby grows two centimeters per month, the size of his brain is multiplied by five and neuronal connections are established there at the same time. frequency of two hundred thousand per minute. Everything is boiling. The slightest stress has a resonance.

Far from a medical film, this children's-level choral documentary recounts the journey of six babies at key moments in their lives. Everyone has their own story, but They all have one thing in common… they are experiencing the most important first 1,000 days of their lives.

The film tells the beginning of the life of a human being by focusing on certain essential stages of development, from birth to the discovery of school and how everyday experiences and the family world influence the child.

For a year, in Arras, big names in early childhood such as Boris Cyrulnik , neuropsychiatrist, Isabelle Filliozat , psychotherapist, Antoine Guedeney , child psychiatrist, and Nathalie Casso-Vicarini , educator of young children, shared the daily lives of these families in order to support them during this fundamental phase for the future well-being of their children, between moments of joy, difficulty and love.

We are delighted to have also contributed to its realization through the Babilou Family Foundation.