A state-of-the-art experience for families, clients and employees

Our constant innovation guarantees a high-quality experience and continuous improvement

At Babilou Family, we have chosen not to digitalize our core activity. We believe connections between teachers and children should remain 100% human - but we are rolling out our digital tools to support every other area of our activity, including :

  • Recruitment
  • Talent development
  • Professional Training
  • Communication with families
  • Communication between employees
  • Quality monitoring
  • Performance analysis

Family-friendly Innovations Our digital tools generate improvement in real-time


KidizzApp is designed to provide families with the best experience worldwide by offering regular news feeds, a private messaging service, an events calendar, personalized photo albums, articles, menus and essential documents like health and safety regulations. Dedicated and personalized for each center, it allows parents to follow the day-to-day progress of their children and enables teaching staff to share information about each child and the life of the center.

Workplace & Up To You ®

Workplace is our internal social network: a platform for promoting best practices on a horizontal peer-to-peer level rather than a traditional top-down basis. Employees can ask questions and share solutions with each other in real-time. Our E-Learning platform Up To You ® allows employees to develop their skills at their own rhythm directly on their PC, tablet or mobile phone. It’s a highly effective tool for continuous improvement too.

Data Security

Data security is essential for both the smooth-running of our operations and the comfort of our clients and families. In France, we have integrated a personal data regulation system based on EU standards in all our digital platforms, and we are rolling it out to each country to meet the highest local standards.

Quality Monitoring

Through our quality referential in France, we have identified 150 key drivers for a top-quality experience that engage every member of the community, from the quality of our teams to food, health & safety to communication with families and individual care. Adapted to meet local needs and completed by a management team to monitor quality on a monthly basis, organize annual inspections and provide a clear road map for the future, it provides a framework for continuous improvement across the network.

B2B Digital Platforms

In France, our innovative digital platform My Family Solutions accompanies working parents from the moment they know they’re going to have a child. All over the world, we offer flexible, accessible high-quality solutions tailored to each stage of development. Parents can focus on their professional careers in the knowledge that their children are progressing daily.