L.E.A.D Program Season 2023-2024 Kicked- off!

L.E.A.D  program (Learn, Educate, Act. Develop) , created internally in 2021, is dedicated to highlighting our international talent and supporting them so they can become responsible leaders of tomorrow. Focused on the development of cross-functional
business skills and managerial «soft skills», this program offers a unique, intercultural experience of peer-to-peer exchanges.

L.E.A.D is a training program designed to support our future leaders and help them realize their full potential as part of the Group’s growth strategy. The program lasts one year and consists of eight sessions lasting one to two

Managers develop or deepen their cross-functional knowledge and skills. There are also sessions that focus on education, with an in-depth look at the major pedagogies of the 21st century, human resources and personal development.


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At the end of October our new promotions gathered together in Paris to mark the start of the program for season 2023-2024. Congrats to our new talents who joined this year:  

  • Anne-Sophie Valentin ( Luxembourg)
  • Sabine Mirault ( France)
  •  Paul Chancé  ( France)
  • Thomas Meva ( Singapore)
  • Stanislas Bialecki ( France)
  • Audric Anselmi  ( France)
  • Jacky El Khoury ( UAE)
  •  Lea Fröhlich ( Germany) 
  • Jennifer O'Reilly ( USA)
  •  Sander Hummel (Netherlands)




Alexis Avenet
VP Digital, Sales & Marketing
Taking part in the LEAD program was a life-changing experience for me. It pushed me to get out of my comfort zone, broaden my international perspective, and get to know my colleagues from all over the world.