A new 5-year sponsorship agreement between the Babilou Family Foundation and Gustave Roussy to fight childhood cancer

While children's health is one of its key challenges and priorities, the Foundation has undertaken its first major action in support of Gustave Roussy, Europe's leading cancer treatment center, to fight pediatric cancers.

Committed to Early Childhood Care and Sustainable Education.

As a leading operator in pre-school and early childhood education, Babilou Family Group aims, through its foundation, to pursue an approach of social and societal responsibility. The Group's mission is to act in favor of the protection of future generations and to work towards sustainable education throughout the world. Chaired by Sridevi Raghavan, Vice President Education, Quality and CSR of the company, this foundation is to support various social, educational, and civic initiatives in five major directions:

  • Children's health
  • Equality of opportunity and poverty alleviation
  • Innovation for education using neurosciences
  • Environmental conservation
  • Parenthood support

Strengthened by its international outlook, the Babilou Family Foundation will shortly be offering fundraising opportunities in the countries where the group is established, according to their own specific needs.

For example, Switzerland intends to focus on supporting parenthood, while France is particularly enthusiastic about the contribution of neuroscience to children's brain development. Outside Europe, Colombia, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates have made equal opportunities and access to quality education for all a primary concern.

Sridevi Raghavan
Senior Vice President - Education, Quality and Sustainability at Babilou Family
As the first sponsor of this campaign which started in 2017, we are extremely proud to have helped raising 16 million euros in 3 years to push forward research in paediatric oncology and to facilitate the treatment process.

The first sponsor in 2017 to commit to the campaign " Curing childhood cancer in the 21st century " led by Gustave Roussy.


This new 5-year sponsorship will contribute to the financing of the "Curing Childhood Cancer in the 21st Century" campaign and more specifically to

  • Funding the salary of one researcher each year to guarantee the continuity of the research work. For instance, researchers are working on the development of 3D organoids, mini-brains created from skin cells to evaluate treatments;
  • Contributing to the building of a 12,000 m2 structure entirely dedicated to oncology research, including the implementation of a dedicated laboratory and research data processing equipment;
  • Providing the "Babirelais" program, which offers daycare places to parents of children suffering from cancer so as to ease their daily lives and the ones of Gustave Roussy's nursing staff.
Christelle Dufour
Head of the Gustave Roussy's Child and Adolescent Cancer Department
The Babilou Family Foundation's commitment to the campaign is a strong demonstration of support for our doctors and researchers who are working tirelessly to find new solutions to treat childhood cancer.