The First Comité de Mission

At the end of 2022 Babilou Family has become a Entreprise à Mission -Company with a Mission and give a concrete form to its social and environmental commitments.

The entire Babilou Family Group is taking a real turn in its commitment to society by becoming a Company with a Mission.

Through this commitment, we are expressing our desire to transform society and to participate in the preservation of the environment.

This is a great opportunity for us, as education professionals, to make our responsible commitments concrete and to build a new model focused on generating positive impact.

By becoming a Company with a Mission, Babilou Family Group is modifying its statutes : "Building a better world through education and care".

In addition to giving itself a raison d'être, it now implies that the quality offered by the Babilou Family Group meets and will always meet the highest French standards in terms of social and environmental commitment.

A mission Committee will be created and will aim to evaluate each year the proper application of  Babilou Family's commitments,  always with objectivity. Beyond this evaluation, the committee's mission will be to increase Babilou Family's impact on society and to further improve its practices.

Last week the Committee  met for the first time.

Our Mission Committee, a team of committed experts, covers the 4 aspects of our Mission (people, planet, pedagogy, positive growth):

  • Emmanuelle Lievremont, Director of Health and Quality of Life at Work at L'Oréal;
  • Sridevi Raghavan, VP Education, Quality and Sustainability at Babilou Family;
  • Kévin André, founder of Kawaa, a solidarity company, which creates and runs places of sharing;
  • Dimitri Carbonnelle, founder of Livosphere Speaker Climate Change Adaptation; Member of The Shift Project.

On the agenda: creation of the collective, sharing of objectives, link with the governance team of Babilou Family, meeting with our Independent Third Party Organization (OTI) ... A rich day that promises exciting exchanges for the months to come.