Babilou Family Foundation and Gustave Roussy together against childhood cancer

United for International Childhood Cancer Day

The Babilou Family Foundation is committed to child’s health. It’s the cornerstone of our educational mission. Today, alongside parents and carers, we protect and promote the health of children at every stage of their development Since 2017, we have been supporting research in Gusatve Roussy to find a cure for childhood cancer. When a childhood disease is preventable, we have a responsibility to act. 

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Last September, our teams in the nursery and at the head office participated in Gustave Run Challenge - An initiative that brings people together through sport to show solidarity for childhood cancer research.

Thanks to this great movement, Babilou Family team have raised 10,000 as a donation donations for the fight against childhood cancer!

And even more: for every euro raised, Babilou Family Foundation contributed  with 4, 50 000 in total!


On the International Childhood Cancer day, 15 February 2022, Sridevi Raghavan Co-President of Babilou Family Foundation and Vincent Bulan , General Director of Babilou hand over a donation to Christelle Dufour, pediatric oncologist and Head of Child and Adolescent Cancer Department.

The visit continued in the laboratories where researches shared the recent innovation and how our contribution will help them to advance in their work.