Babilou Family is joining UNESCO’s Global Coalition

The group thus becomes the first activist for early childhood to take part in this global coalition.

Babilou Family, actor for the education of young children, is joining UNESCO’s Global Coalition for education

Coalition UNESCO

We are making a commitment ahead of the world conference dedicated to early childhood.


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Within the continuity of their engagement in favor of a more just and sustainable education for future generations, Babilou Family joins UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition.

The group thus becomes the first activist for early childhood to take part in this global coalition. 


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Education is a powerful vehicle of social change and the attention placed upon the 1000 first days of a child’s life is highly determinative for their future development. Aware of this key societal factor, Babilou Family, a committed actor in favor of the education of the youngest members of our communities, has officially joined the 175 members of UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition.



  • Acting for education and the reduction of social inequalities

Founded around 20 years ago in France, the Babilou Family group accompanies more than 50 000 children globally with the ambition of offering them a sustainable education in a safe, responsible and positive ecosystem. Through the innovative education practices that take inspiration from the whole world due to its international presence, Babilou Family hopes to foster each child’s development and reveal all possibilities in a co-educative approach with their families.


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Determined to construct a better world and to birth a “green native generation” connected to the nature, Babilou Family joins UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition, an international leader in education, so as to bring its expertise to the table and to promote the development of a quality education through the lens of innovation in the service of sustainable development. Launched in 2020, UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition aims to protect the right to education and focuses on 3 teams: connectivity, teachers and gender.

Identifying common commitments for access to quality education for all, driving sustainable development and reemerging from the emergency induced by the COVID-19 crisis are all at the origin of Babilou Family’s engagement to UNESCO, in an attempt to achieve their common objectives.


  • Supporting parenting and the education of children in disadvantaged communities across the world

To assist UNESCO in addressing global contemporary challenges through education, Babilou Family commits itself to releasing online training programs in early childhood education and parental support in disadvantaged communities across the world.

The organization will supply free education resources and additional training sessions all while pursuing actions to raise awareness of the importance of early childhood education

The three leading countries in the development of a sustainable education support system are India, Singapore and France.


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Finally, the Babilou Family foundation will co-organize with UNESCO in France the 29th of September in Marseille a day of preparation of the next world conference on early childhood care and education (WCECCE) dedicated to studying the contribution of neuroscience in the development of the child during the first 1000 days. This event, hosted by the Republic of Uzbekistan and organized by UNESCO will be held in Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan, from the 14th to the 16th of November, 2022.The global conference will aim to reaffirm the right of every young child to quality education and protection from birth, and will urge Member States to renew and increase their commitment and investment to ensure that all girls and boys have access to quality development, protection and pre-primary education that prepares them for entry into primary school.

As an extension of the coalition, Babilou Family Foundation also supports UNESCO in the organization of this major event.

Persuaded that the development of sustainable and responsible ecosystems must be achieved through a tight collaboration between political institutions and private actors, Babilou Family is proud to commit itself to UNESCO and its partners for the sustainable education of future generations.


  • About the Global Education Coalition

UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition commits itself to maintaining equity and inclusion in education as governments seek to provide teaching and learning opportunities for students through alternative solutions during periods when schools are closed. School closures have long-since exacerbated educational inequalities and disproportionately affect more vulnerable children and young people. This Coalition is committed to working with governments to find solutions that leave no one behind and to emphasize the importance of equity and equality of sexes in the educational responses to the COVID-19 crisis. The United Nations agencies, the international organizations, the private sector and the representatives of civil society committed to the advancement of the COVID-19 educational response unite their forces to provide expertise, a strategic orientation, resources and leadership, and to get involved on local, national and global levels.