Babilou Family becomes an "Entreprise à Mission"

entreprise a mission

Babilou Family is the first international early childhood actor to become a Entreprise à Mission


The Babilou Family Group has become a Entreprise à Mission -Company with a Mission and give a concrete form to its social and environmental commitments.

The entire Babilou Family Group is now taking a real turn in its commitment to society by becoming a Company with a Mission. Through this commitment, we are expressing our desire to transform society and to participate in the preservation of the environment.

This is a great opportunity for us, as education professionals, to make our responsible commitments concrete and to build a new model focused on generating positive impact.

By becoming a Company with a Mission, Babilou Family Group is modifying its statutes :


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What is an Entreprise à Mission?

It is a way for a company to make its commitments to Corporate Social Responsibility official in law. The company therefore undertakes to pursue and respect its social and environmental objectives in the context of its activity.

What does this mean for Babilou Family?

In addition to giving itself a raison d'être, it now implies that the quality offered by the Babilou Family Group meets and will always meet the highest French standards in terms of social and environmental commitment.

Moreover, becoming a Company with a Mission means above all concrete commitments, which can be broken down into 4 major themes:

  • For the children and their families, to design and implement an ambitious pedagogy, to contribute to the support of parenthood, and to participate in the protection of children.


  • For our professionals, to promote their development and impact through the development of their skills, the attention paid to their quality of life at work, and our contribution to the recognition of our profession.


  • For the planet, to place sustainable development and the control of our footprint on the planet at the heart of our actions.


  • For society, to make Babilou Family accessible to all and to contribute to the economic and social development of the areas in which we operate. 


Finally, a mission committee will be created and will aim to evaluate each year the proper application of  Babilou Family's commitments,  always with objectivity. Beyond this evaluation, the committee's mission will be to increase Babilou Family's impact on society and to further improve its practices.