Babilou Family Foundation supporting Septembre en Or

Babilou Family Foundation together with Gustave Roussy for September en Or

The Babilou Family Foundation is committed to child health. It’s the cornerstone of our educational mission. Today, alongside parents and carers, we protect and promote the health of children at every stage of their development. But some health issues are out of our hands. Since 2017, we have been supporting research to find a cure for childhood cancer. When a childhood disease is preventable, we have a responsibility to act. This is why for years, we have been supporting Gustave Roussy Fondation in their research against pediatric cancer and since 2017 Babilou Family and its employees has managed to raise 10 million euros supporting the research against  find cancer.

At the begining of the year Sridevi Raghavan  and Vincent Bulan went to the laboratoires of Gustave Roussy to discover how concretely how the donations help to advance the research.

An interview with Dr. Aymeric Silvin explain our contribution and our support duirng the campaign Septembre en Or.

Gustave Roussy Septembre en Or

"Septembre en OR" Campaign

Under the leadership of Frédéric Lemos, president of the “Cure Childhood Cancer in the 21st Century” campaign committee, his wife Magali, and all the members of the Committee, the Gustave Roussy Foundation decided in September 2017 to launch a fundraising campaign dedicated to pediatric oncology research.

The great generosity of numerous donors and institutional patrons has already enebled Gustave Roussy doctors and researchers to generate new knowledge on the biology and immunology of pediatric cancer, from which patients will be able to benefit directly thanks to the identification of therapeutic targets, allowing the development of new dedicated drugs. This campaign aims to have a rapid social impact.


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