Our story

Babilou was born to support the wellbeing of children and the work-life balance of families

We work hand-in-hand with parents, businesses and public authorities to help make the world a better place

Founded in France in 2003 by entrepreneurial brothers Rodolphe and Edouard Carle to bridge the gap in childcare solutions, Babilou has gradually grown to become a leading light in early years education and a major operator across the globe. We set out to support the well-being of children and the work-life balance of families at a time of rising birthrates and women in the workforce. Today, in our rapidly-changing, fragilized world, our role in society is all the more relevant: bring quality education to the next generation.

We began with one nursery and 24 cots. Five years later, we became the leading private childcare network in France. Today, we are a family of passionate educational entrepreneurs present in 12 countries with around 1200 establishments, 12,000 employees and more than 57,000 children in our care – and we are all growing in the same spirit, together.

Together, We Grow - more than a business project, a culture.

We are driven by the conviction that together, we can have a strong impact on tomorrow’s world through early years education. By partnering with educational entrepreneurs who share our vision, by building close partnerships with public authorities and private enterprises, by sharing best practices and constantly innovating to provide parents with top-quality childcare solutions, we are making a difference.

The signature of our innovative approach is Together, We Grow. It's a way of thinking and doing that englobes our quality management philosophy, our unique savoir-faire in the domain of early childhood and our commitment to families, clients, employees, partners and society as a whole. It reinforces the values and ambitions we share internally and strive to bring to life with children and families daily. It’s a blueprint for the sustainable growth and the continuous improvement of all our centers all over the world.

Tomorrow Starts Now - Sharing a Common Vision

In 2022 the Group’s teams believed the moment was ripe to usher in a new vision project that inspired our teams around the world. Our challenge was to bring forth a 21st-century pedagogy nourished by the richness of the Babilou Family community (cultures, values, experiences), contributions from neuroscience, and the major educators of the previous century.

In eighteen months, Vision 2030 was born through a co-creation process at the global level, with participation from all countries and the involvement of the leadership of Babilou Family Group. The result: One mission: through Sustainable Education and care, to prepare children to thrive and contribute as conscious human beings. This new corporate mission was rolled out to nearly 500 employees (managers, site directors) in fall 2022 through workshops and seminars in the various countries.


Our values


Team Spirit

We believe in the talent of everyone, in their individual intelligence and sense of collective responsibility.

Together we grow: 

  • We support each other for individual and collective success
  • We value diversity to build better outcomes
  • We are kind respectful and trusting.


We are ambitious,  passionate and driven by a common purpose:

  • We do things with heart and care.
  • We enjoy getting people on board our collective mission.
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Continuous Learning

Leaders in education only if we have the humility to question ourseleves and to learn forever.

  • We are curious and aim for progress
  • We learn from each other all the time
  • We learn from the environment and everything around us.




Babilou Family is the only childcare company in the world who is developing a global university or UP (Université Pédagogique) for educators :

  • The “UP” Dubai (Bee Academy®) is recognized by the British government.
  • Plans underway for the “UP” Singapore.

First Babilou nurseries labelled ELSA© in France.


Babilou Family launches the Babilou Foundation to support social, educational and community initiatives in France and allow everyone to contribute to a better world in 4 key areas : education, health, environmental protection and social inclusion.

The Group extends its activity in India with a majority share in Amelio Early Education, a network of daycare centers based in Chennai.  

Babilou Family launches a bilingual franco-german teaching program in state schools in Bavaria.

Creation of the 1st private referential for early childhood, and creation of the ELSA© Label under the authority of SGS.


    Babilou Family arrives in Luxembourg with an equity stake in Lavorel Kids and Baby, the N°1 in daycare and after-care, and continues its international expansion by creating the first network of daycare centers in the United Arab Emirates thanks to its equity stake in Blossom Nursery.

    The Group takes over the Ecole Centrale de Puériculture Paul Strauss, a celebrated French school for childcare that trains over 200 childcare assistants every year.

    Babilou Family reinforces its position as the leading daycare center network in France with the acquisition of Kid’S Cool, the 7th biggest network of private daycare centers in the country.


    Babilou Family launches its first digital platform: My Family Solutions – a parental services and information portal specially designed for companies to enable them to offer their employees flexible childcare solutions in one or more centers. 


    Babilou Family continues to develop its offer on an international scale with partnerships in Germany, Dubai and Switzerland.


    Babilou Family develops its offer in Belgium, and now counts 15 nurseries in the country.


    Babilou Family creates its first group project and work culture guide: Together, We Grow.


    Launch of “1001 Crèches” : a digital platform that brings all of Babilou’s  structures and partners together. Parents can now access a place in a daycare center according to their family organization,  businesses can reserve cots all over France and local municipalities can share their cot spaces on the network too. Babilou is the first childcare company to provide this possibility, which enables large companies to offer their employees daycare centers that are closer to the family home.

    Drafting of the 1st reference document for the certification of early childhood services, with SGS (independent international certifying entity).

    Babilou continues to develop by creating its own childcare centers and joining forces with daycare center managers who share the same values.


    First business partnership, with the L’Oréal Group.


    Rodolphe and Edouard Carle create the first public-private partnership with a French municipality in Rueil-Malmaison, Hauts-de-Seine.


    First day-care center open to several enterprises in partnership with the French government’s family allowance fund.


    Rodolphe and Edouard Carle develop an innovative, high-quality childcare solution. Following the launch of a new public-private partnership in the domain of early childhood, the first Babilou childcare center opens in France in Boulogne-Billancourt : "Les Tilleuls".