Social Engagement

We strive for social progress all over the world

We are driven by a profound sense of responsibility towards children, society and the planet as a whole.

At Babilou Family, we are eco-citizens fully committed to building a better world. We recognize our responsibility towards the environment in its broadest sense. We take action to protect nature and all living things, improve socio-cultural and economic conditions and minimize the impact of our infrastructures. Our centers need to reflect the social diversity of their location. We promote equal opportunities throughout the network and establish public-private partnerships to ensure that our service is affordable to all.

Social responsibility is the fundamental driver of sustainable development. It’s knowing how to link environmental protection, economic development and ethical working methods. Through the Babilou Foundation, we invite all our team-members to make a difference. Our social engagements are an inspiration for our partners throughout the world.

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At Babilou Family, all our team members can contribute to a better world

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Our engagements are helping to make the world a better place

Environmental commitment

We are committed to a continuous improvement of our ecological impact, on all levels.
We carefully select our structures' materials to limit the impact on the environment and air quality.
We fight daily against food waste by readjusting meal orders according to the number of children present, and all our facilities are aware of waste sorting.
Already 70% of our nurseries are equipped with Smart Lighting energy-saving technology.
In each center, activities are proposed to awaken children to nature and environmental protection.

The Babilou Foundation

Through our Foundation, all our team members can propose a project to contribute to a better world. We support initiatives in Education, Health, Environmental Protection & Social Inclusion. We are backing a Stop Hunger campaign in India and a social inclusion project in South America. We have partnered with the Gustave Roussy Child Cancer Hospital in Paris and we support Europe’s beekeepers through the UAEN (Union of Apiculture for Europe). Bee rescue is a priority for the Group. In France, we devote an entire day to helping children understand their fundamental role in the food chain.

Equal rights

Gender diversity and equal rights are at the top of our social agenda. We build multi-cultural, cross-generational teams and welcome people with disabilities. In India, we have created a gender committee to monitor equal rights for women in the workforce. In France, we train professionals in gender balance to help them measure and manage inequalities. They learn how to deconstruct sex stereotyping in games and illustrations and promote the wellbeing and development of children fairly, using the widest range of possibilities for expression.