Solutions for Families & Employers

We build corporate partnerships to support the work-life balance of parents and families

A solution is good. A quality early years education experience is better.

For years, a place in a nursery or daycare center was seen as a practical solution for women who wanted to go back to work. But it’s more than that. It’s a social and economic priority. It’s difficult to juggle work and family life. When parents give birth, they have to find a solution - the right solution.

Before, it was simply the existence of a solution that counted, the convenience of its opening hours and location. Now, it’s the very nature of the solution that counts, the offer in terms of early learning, child development and parental support - the quality of the entire early education experience.

Our high-quality, innovative solutions aim to exceed expectations

We work closely with employers and the state to support the work-life balance of parents and contribute to the education of children. We build partnerships with private enterprises and public authorities to design and manage nurseries, daycare and afterschool centers on site or closer to home.

In France, our innovative digital platform My Family Solutions accompanies working parents from the moment they know they’re going to have a child. We enable parents to focus on their professional careers in the  knowledge that their children are progressing daily.

All over the world, we offer high quality, innovative solutions tailored to every stage of development through our nurseries, daycare centers (0-6 yrs) and schools (up to 11 yrs).

Our solutions are accessible, flexible (regular or à la carte) and above all, high quality. Thanks to digital platforms like KidizzApp, parents are just a click away from their children and their progress every day.


Get the best out of your employees by giving the best to their children

When employers offer parent-employees a quality early years education solution on site or close to home, they improve their all-round performance. Late arrivals, cancelled meetings and stress are all reduced and they build loyalty. They attract the best talents who stay with the company for longer. They minimize absenteeism and maximize their socially responsibility commitment by promoting well-being at work, equal rights for men and women and work-life balance.

What’s more, depending on the country, they may be eligible for tax benefits. We are pioneers in corporate partnerships for early years education and strive to make our solutions affordable for every sector of the population.

7 advantages of a workplace nursery or daycare center

Open an on-site nursery or daycare center to get the best out of your employees by giving the best to their children :

  • Provide an innovative high-quality early education solution to parent-employees.
  • Simplify their return to work after maternity or parent leave.
  • Facilitate their work-life balance.
  • Promote their well-being and serenity and gain time thanks to supple hours adapted to professional life.
  • Welcome their children into a comfortable, secure environment and surround them with dedicated experts in child development.
  • Enable children to socialize and grow in an environment that’s adapted to their individual rhythm and needs.
  • Offer services at a price equivalent to a municipal nursery.
Our daughter is so happy in the company nursery and she’s evolving every day. We are delighted because that’s all we need to know to work serenely when we leave all day