Babilou Family at the Universités de l'Economie de Demain in Marseille

Entrepreneurs, managers, decision-makers, met at the Universités de l'Economie de Demain in Marseille, 21 March 2023. Leaders have gathered to get inspired, progress, debate and, above all, to act in the service of the transformation of the companies in order to build prosperity today and tomorrow!

According to #GIEC ( Groupe d’experts intergouvernemental sur l’évolution du climat) we have 3 years left to reserve the curve of climate change and preserve the natural and human capital of the planet.

3 years is the time we have for the economy to change its model, because nothing will be possible without it. And this new model exist.

It is based on quality, sharing, fighting against waste and not against accumulation in short-term. The model reflects on new usage, know-how and more sustainable consumption.

Throughout France and Europe, thousands of entrepreneurs are proving every day that this alternative holds the promise of a new prosperity based on sobriety.   


The theme of the second edition of this event : sobriety, a subject that resonates particularly strongly for Babilou Family, where sustainable education is at the forefront of our ambitions as the first company with a mission in the early childhood sector.


Babilou Family is a pioneer on the topics of value  and power sharing and will bring its expertise during the Universités de l'Economie de Demain in Marseille in order to accompany the transition to the action of the present enrepreneurs and managers.


The intervention will be lead by CEO Xavier Ouvrard who will position Babilou Family as ana actor comitted to social and ecological transition.

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