Quality Monitoring

In all our centers, the quality of the experience always comes first

Our promise is founded on quality

At Babilou Family, quality is part of our DNA. It’s what we’re known for. It’s the key to our success and the heart of our organization.

Following work that began as soon as 2009, in 2018 we drafted the first private referential for early childhood in France, and created the french ELSA© Label under the authority of SGS (independent international certifying entity).

To guarantee the highest standards as we grow, we have defined the 6 pillars of a top-quality experience and developed a comprehensive quality management system that takes every last detail into account.

A 360° Approach

Through our quality referential in France, we have identified 150 drivers for a high-quality experience that engage every member of the community , from the quality of our teams to food, health & safety to communication with families and individual care. Adapted to meet local needs and completed by a management team to monitor quality on a monthly basis, organize annual inspections and provide a clear road map for the future, it provides a framework for continuous improvement across the network.

Health & Hygiene

The health and wellbeing of the children in our care is our N°1 priority. Our medical staff are experts in child development and always on hand to advise and support parents. The importance of a healthy diet is stressed in all our centers. In France, our menus are designed by a qualified dietician who evaluates and controls the quality of the meals in each center. They are prepared by fully-trained chefs using fresh, seasonal products and organic meals are served whenever possible.

Comfort & Safety

Young children need to be able to explore their environment freely and in total security. Our centers have to adhere to the strictest health and safety rules, from the design of the space to the quality of the air inside. In France, we have collaborated with ZAACK QAI by IGIENAIR to monitor the air quality in our centers. We are experts in health and safety procedures for children and are currently developing the first internal university course to foster this expertise locally.

Communication with Families

We use digital tools to provide families with the best experience. Digital platforms like KidizzApp enable us to monitor their satisfaction in real time. Thanks to real-time monitoring and assessment, we can measure parent satisfaction continually and take immediate action whenever necessary.

The 6 pillars of a top-quality experience

  • Provide a warm welcome in a secure and comfortable environment.
  • Surround children with friendly and dedicated professionals.
  • Devote special attention to the well-being of each individual child.
  • Support the learning potential of each child at every instant.
  • Exchange, share and maintain trust with each family.
  • Implement a sustainable care and education plan at all times.

In all Babilou Family countries , Quality is managed by a robust system based on:



  Precise audit framework   that cover all aspects of childcare: safety, hygiene, care, food, pedagogical approach, family   partnership.



 A continuing training program for development of our teams.



 Internal audits to ensure compliance with standards and encourage continuous progress.



  Implement organization rituals and communication to propel actions that improve quality.



  An external verification, by a valid local authority.



 Follow-up processing of complaints and satisfaction surveys with families to measure and improve their experience.


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