Singapore’s First Innovative & Sustainable Preschool

KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse, a premium preschool brand of Babilou Family Singapore, recently launched its 9th centre.

Located at Jurong Play Grounds near IMM Building, KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse @ Jurong Gateway is the first innovative and sustainable preschool in Singapore.

Surrounded by a large collection of trees and shrubs, along with a huge outdoor space, children can look forward to a refreshing and green environment throughout their day in school.

Introducing a Green and Sustainable Way of Life

At our Jurong Gateway centre, all features and facilities are thoughtfully planned with the environment in mind, as we instill sustainable habits in our children.

Poised to become a net-zero energy premise that focuses on efficient energy use, the centre is BCA Green Mark certified due to our advanced green efforts, including:

  • Solar panels that convert thermal energy into electricity
  • Smart switches with routines set for lights and air-conditioning to turn on and off daily
  • Large windows that can be open up in full to provide ventilation to the centre
  • Heat-reflecting paint that lowers the indoor temperature of the centre
  • Building materials that have the Green label are known to reduce environmental impact, leading to savings on energy and water usage

In the outdoor area, there are the Bamboo WallExplorer Garden and Hydro Sprouts, which serve as an edible garden and hydroponics vertical garden by the children, for the children. For an authentic farm-to-plate experience, children and teachers will be involved in the planting of herbs and vegetables as they interact and learn about the natural growth process and ultimately harvest these crops as part of the meal preparation.

kiddiwinkie schoolhouse

Lastly, to instill sustainability as a way of life, children are introduced to composting and upcycling, where they play an active role by setting aside everyday items for recycling. It’s little steps like this that make a huge difference in creating a better world for all of us to live in!

Dedicated Learning Spaces

Throughout the centre, there are dedicated learning spaces where daily lessons and programmes are conducted for the children.


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One key highlight would be the Cook and Bake child-friendly kitchen. With food exploration being one of the programmes offered to the children, this is where they get to learn about various food cultures and countertop skills, and get clued in on basic dining etiquette. This also encourages children to build a positive relationship with food and promotes healthy eating habits from young.

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Available exclusively at our Jurong Gateway centre is Tech Crafters, an embedded enrichment programme that is offered as part of the innovative curriculum. Through unplugged coding activities, children are given opportunities to develop problem-solving skills using logical and structural thinking.

With Tech Crafters, children will tap into their prior knowledge and reasoning skills to make sense of the problem and exercise their creativity in solving them.

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Sensory Oasis for Infants

To keep up with current trends, Babilou Family Singapore is constantly exploring carefully implemented new initiatives that will benefit the children's growth and development.


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Sensory Oasis is a dark room facility designed for infants that promotes relaxation and encourages development and stimulation. When children are relaxed, happy and comfortable in a safe space like this, learning and developmental opportunities take place, even at the earliest stages of life.

To date, KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse is the first preschool in Singapore to introduce such a facility for infants.

Take a Closer Look at KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse @ Jurong Gateway

To find out more about our programmes and curriculum, as well as to check out the centre facilities, click here to book a tour.

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Open House: KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse @ Jurong Gateway