Babilou's French staff discovering educational methods across the world

Following an in-house competition, 70 Babilou French teachers from all areas of expertise were given the opportunity to travel to 6 countries in the Babilou Family to learn about their educational practices. The highlights included some great moments exchanging ideas and learning about other cultures – all with the sole aim of ensuring every child in our care receives a high quality education.

French educational know-how drawing on shared international experiences

In 2019, staff - with various areas of expertise (service agent, early childhood assistant, early childhood educational worker, manager, etc.) - from 7 French Babilou day-care centres were given the opportunity to meet their international counterparts.
These educational trips, which were a time for sharing, gave staff the opportunity to talk about human values and common educational goals: helping children to be self-confident, learning at all times and developing a positive relationship with the world.

These values and goals, set out in Babilou's educational mission statement, reflect the Group's educational guidance which informs staff practices within their establishment project. Specific to each structure and in accordance with the local culture, each establishment’s project reflects key educational and social aims such as educational welfare, respect for and listening to children’s emotions, individual attention for each child, confidence in their own skills and learning to be involved in their own development. As a result, the staff are committed to creating a fun, safe learning environment where children can develop their full potential.

Babilou Family in Switzerland
Xavier Ouvrard
CEO of Babilou Family group
These trips offer a unique opportunity for our staff to broaden their horizons with different educational practices, share experiences and know-how that will enrich their professional and personal development and their own work.

Educational inputs specific to each destination

Back in their day-care centres, the French teams were able to share their new experiences and incorporate innovative practices with a view to adding to the quality of the care provided in their own workplaces.

  • In Switzerland, daily outings in the countryside are organized for the children, whatever the weather. Back in France, this has encouraged staff to give children greater access to their day-care centre gardens;
  • In Boston, the children’s environment is enriched by ever-present artistic offerings. This further encourages the children’s creativity and sensitivity. Activities are integrated into the reception spaces and are accessible at any time of the day.
  • In Belgium, the principle of joint education has been put into practice by means of exchanges with families and is facilitated by the use of digital tools. A twice-yearly ritual allows parents and professionals to exchange views;
  • In Luxembourg, space planning is designed to develop the children's motor skills and ingenuity, as well as encouraging cooperation with adults around daily activities;
  • In Dubai, care is bilingual and language lessons are offered to children from an early age;
  • Finally, in Germany, the children are considered as partners to the adults, with shared time and responsibilities. Adults thereby watch over the quality of their lives and social relationships.
Babilou staff discovering educational methods across the world
Xavier Ouvrard
CEO of Babilou Family group
This unique experience demonstrates our network's ability to draw inspiration from practices worldwide in order to guide our children and turn them into the citizens of tomorrow's world.