Sridevi Raghavan new VP Education, Quality & Sustainability

Babilou Family announces the appointment of Sridevi Raghavan as VP Education, Quality & Sustainability. Member of the Babilou Family since the integration of the Amelio Early Education daycare network that she founded in India in 2008, Sridevi Raghavan will devote her extensive experience to her mission: to create an extremely innovative educational curriculum combining the contribution of neurosciences to the great pedagogies of the 21st century.

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Sridevi Raghavan is an MBA from Harvard Business School, and a postgraduate in Economics from University of Madras, India. She began her career at Ogilvy and Mather Advertising in 2000. In 2003, keen to make a positive contribution to an important cause, she joined the NGO Child Rights and You - to ensure a better quality of life for India's children. Upon her MBA from Harvard, Sridevi Raghavan founded Amelio Early Education, the first daycare network in the state of Tamil Nadu in India to help women find a better work-life balance.

“Already acculturated to the Babilou Family spirit, Sridevi has tremendous entrepreneurial experience in the early childhood sector. Her modern and international vision of Education is a major asset to federate professionals of our network. Sridevi and its team of 70 professional around the world, will help the young children we welcome in our daycare centers to become enlightened, fulfilled and open-minded global citizens, while creating a true collective intelligence”, states Xavier Ouvrard, Chairman & CEO of Babilou Family.

To provide quality early education and care to the greatest number of children

Co-founder and CEO of Amelio early Education, Sridevi Raghavan was appointed Group Senior VP Education, Quality and CSR at Babilou Family in September 2020.

Reporting to Xavier Ouvrard, Chairman and CEO of the Group, and based in Bois-Colombes (France), Sridevi Raghavan will be tasked with rolling out a quality reference framework across all countries and with outlining the pillars of a sustainable development policy for the Group. She will support the educational teams from various countries in optimizing more sustainable environments for toddlers and will create synergies between various approaches to care in order to draw upon the best of each culture.

“We at Babilou Family are committed to provide all children, regardless of their cultural or social affiliation, with an environment that makes them grow into the best of what they have. We are driven by the conviction that we must have faith in the minds of every child entrusted to us, to support them in their learning and open them up to the world and nature so that they may evolve with a deep yearning to understand, and delight in taking part in this world. There is no single “one size fits all” approach, but a multitude. By sharing our experiences and lessons learnt, we have a chance to shake things up, to create more responsible environments and heighten awareness among the children we welcome as to the infinite potentials of nature. I am very pleased with the new responsibilities entrusted to me today and with the challenges that we have yet to tackle collectively to continuously improve the quality of care and educational projects in our establishments”, says Sridevi Raghavan, Group Senior VP Education, Quality and CSR at Babilou Family.

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