An Innovative nursery with access to nature and sustainable development

KidsCare by Babilou Family presents its brand new project: an innovative nursery with access to nature and sustainable development.


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A quality nursery

Kids Care Gravity center is located in the heart of the residential district of Differdange, Luxembourg and welcomes little explorers eager for discovery up to the age of 4 years. With its garden, everything has been thought out to enhance their awareness, transmit to them the taste for living together and make them the future eco-citizens of tomorrow.
Each of the indoor and outdoor spaces are created in order to awaken the senses of toddlers and encourage them to discover. Life in the great outdoors is privileged. The center offers also regular excursions in line with our values. The educational teams will put all their strength and energy to offer children, from an early age, a sustainable education, respectful of people and their environment. 





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Various quality educational activities

The educational project of the nursery is focused on nature and Montessori-Pikler fun activities.

The educational team will accompany the little ones in their development and  offer them many educational activities and a variety of games in the best conditions.
Outings will be regularly planned such as walks in playgrounds around the nursery, mornings at the swimming pool or at the market, excursions or even in educational farms. The team will accompany the children in their development until they leave for school, and will listen to the families on a daily basis, with whom they will work in close collaboration. 
Graduate teams is providing multilingual education in French, Luxembourgish and English.


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Organic meals

Meals are organic prepared by a dietician with fresh and seasonal products;
Nappies, care products and milk are provided for each child;
A minibus is available from the nursery to take the children to different places of discovery;
Finally, parents have access to the mobile application Kidizz by Babilou Family to follow the day of their children.

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