Leadership & Community

At Babilou Family, leadership is partnership

We partner with entrepreneurs who share our vision and want to contribute to a better world

We are a family-owned group with a special style of governance. We partner long-term with like-minded entrepreneurs. We share our knowledge and experience of childcare and early years education with each of them, and provide quality management expertise and ongoing support.

Our partners leverage our methodology and adapt it to suit their local needs and expertise. We don’t impose a French curriculum – each country selects and combines the best of all curriculums.  We exchange best practices, we help them develop the most appropriate pedagogical approaches for their market, and we bring tools and insights for continuous improvement.

Group Leadership


Rodolphe Carle

Co-Founder & Co-President

Rodolphe Carle is 43 years old and the father of 4 children. In 1999, after completing his MBA at ESSEC business school in France, he began a career in investment funds at Net Partners in Milan, followed by Morgan Stanley and Global Retail Partners in London.

In 2003, to respond to the lack of childcare solutions for under-threes in France when birthrates and women in employment were among the highest in Europe, Rodolphe Carle founded Babilou with his brother Edouard Carle.

In 2014, he moved to Munich, Germany to lead the European development of Babilou and stayed for four years. Since returning to France, Rodolphe Carle has acted as president of Babilou Family and manages the COMEX Groupe with his brother Edouard Carle. He is one of the founding members of the FFEC, the French Federation of Day-Care Businesses, an elected representative of the Growth Management Committee.


Edouard Carle

Co-Founder & Co-President

Edouard Carle is 41 years old and the father of 4 children.  He qualified at the ICOGES business school in Paris with a specialty in marketing.

In 2003, Edouard Carle decided to found Babilou with his brother Rodolphe Carle. As Director of Development and Director of Human Resources, Edouard Carle took charge of the commercial development of Babilou with local municipalities, the recruitment of childcare professionals and the guarantee of the Babilou Family image. As General Manager of the Group, he continues to develop and manage partnerships with local municipalities and businesses around the world.

Today, Edouard Carle is CEO of Babilou Family and president of the Babilou Foundation and presides over the Babilou Family Comex Group with his brother, Rodolphe Carle.


Xavier Ouvrard

Chief Executive Officer

Xavier Ouvrard is 47 years old and father of 4 children. He was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Babilou Group in 2017.

A graduate of IEP Paris and HEC, Xavier founded Milonga in 2001 and managed it until 2011. The company was then the leader in the distribution of musical instruments in France and number 1 in education.

He then joined the Sodexo group (2012 - 2016), where he was successively in charge of international development for the Personal & Home Services division (2013), then General Manager of the Child Care division and the Crèche Attitude company.

An expert in the education and early childhood sector, Xavier Ouvrard supports the transformation and development of Babilou alongside the founders and co-presidents Rodolphe and Edouard Carle.


Benoit Lamézec

Group VP Digital, Sales & Marketing

A graduate of Kedge Business School, Benoit Lamézec began his career in the field of e-Marketing and e-Commerce at Milonga, and then turned to the hotel sector by joining the B&B Hotels group.

After having been in charge of the development of online sales in France, he took up the position of Marketing & Distribution Director in 2014 to develop the performance of the sales channels and the brand's visibility. In 2016, he was appointed Director of the B&B Hotels Group's digital activities to launch new digital services and optimize acquisition and loyalty strategies in a context of strong internationalization and competition.

Benoit Lamézec joined the Babilou group in April 2018 as Marketing, Digital & Technologies Director.

Damien Martin

Damien Martin

Chief Financial Officer

Damien Martin holds a dual degree in Arts and Crafts engineering and a master's degree from ESSEC. He began his career at KPMG. He audited major industrial groups such as Siemens, Eurotunnel and Philips.

He then moved to KPMG's transaction services department where he was able to support numerous acquisitions. In 2011, he joined a project to merge 3 companies in the online travel industry (Go Voyages, Opodo and eDreams), which became Odigeo. Damien Martin was involved in this merger, in particular by creating and structuring a joint finance function.

In 2015, he joined Babilou to support the group's growth, particularly internationally.

We respect each other. We learn from one another. We grow together.

Our unique leadership style is based on genuine partnership. Each country is governed by a dedicated board comprised of key partners and representatives from head office. Together, we adhere to a strategic roadmap for sustainable development and a better world for all.

Country Leadership

Rocío & Elias

Elías & Rocío Halperin

CEO & Operation Director, Argentina

Elías is the founder and CEO of Jardines Maternales Diálogos and General Director of San Carlos Diálogos School. He has 50 years of experience in recreational activities for children, and has organized many Corporate Social Responsibility events and Early Years Education conferences.

Rocío is the HR and Operations Director of Jardines Maternales Diálogos. A graduate in psychology, she is Headteacher and General Director of the educational offer, and also responsible for coaching and training the staff at Diálogos.

Katrien Leten

Katrien Leten

Country Manager, Belgium

Katrien started her career in 2011 at BNP Paribas Fortis in Belgium, with a traineeship where she could explore all the different sides of retail, private and corporate banking. Afterwards, she decided to specialise in corporate banking and advised SME’s on different core fields.

Now Katrien is responsible of the Babilou nurseries in Belgium where she started as development manager in 2015 and became country manager in 2017.

She restructured the Belgian group after two big acquisitions, by changing the business model into subsidised nurseries.


Fabrice Martinez

General Director, Benelux

After obtaining his engineering degree in Business and over 15 years experience in the industrial field as Region Director, Fabrice has partnered with a friend who ran nurseries in Luxembourg.

It was a real opportunity for him to reorient his career towards the early childhood and he developed the activity to reach 23 daycares. Thanks to the successive purchases of networks of nurseries, Babilou Family becomes the 1st network of nurseries in Luxembourg.


Isabel Segovia Ospina

Chief Executive Officer, Colombia

Isabel Segovia Ospina has a BA in History and International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania and a master’s degree in Latin American Studies from Vanderbilt University.

She was a candidate for the Vice-Presidency of Colombia, CEO of the Fundación Compartir and Vice-Minister of Education.

Today she is CEO of Inversiones Primera Infancia, where she promotes and develops early childhood programs.

Adrian Storp

Adrian Storp

Country Manager, Germany

Adrian joined the Babilou Family in 2014 to launch the Group's activites in Germany.
Adrian was born in Munich and raised in Paris, where he graduated from ESCP Europe Business School before starting his career as a consultant with McKinsey.

Before joining Babilou, Adrian also had a broad managerial and entreprenerial experience in international SMBs.

He lives in Munich with his wife and 3 children and spends most of his spare time hiking or skiing in the Austrian mountains.


Sridevi Raghavan

Co-founder and CEO, India

Amelio was launched in 2008, when Sridevi moved back to India after graduating from Harvard Business School where she incubated the idea of creating daycare centers within corporates during her MBA.

She regularly speaks at industry conferences and on entrepreneurship panels, and mentors college students in their career choices.  Sridevi also loves travelling and reading.

Julie & Matthias

Julie & Matthias Koh

Co-CEOs, Singapore

Julie's desire for her own children to learn and grow in an inspiring environment led to the launch of Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse and the Nurture Education Group. With over 20 years’ experience, she has overseen the acquisition of Nurture’s daycare brands and manages their daily growth.

As a father of three, Matthias is passionate about Early Years Education and the role it plays in child development. Thanks to his business expertise, he successfully raised funds from the private equity market to lead Nurture Education Group’s growth and expansion.

Camille Duval

Camille Duval

Country Manager, Switzerland

After graduating from HEC Paris in Entrepreneurship, Camille started to work for Babilou as business developer to open new daycare centres in the area of Paris. Thrilled by multicultural challenges, she quickly got involved in the internationalization of the company and the opening of Babilou in Belgium, Germany and UAE before opening and running Babilou Switzerland herself.

She strongly believes in human potential and puts people at the heart of her development strategy. She very much enjoys traveling and is passionate about rugby !


Lama Chivi

Chief Executive Officer, UAE

Mother of 2 beautiful girls, Lama left the corporate world to help found Babilou in Dubai.

A true professional, she has an "anything can be done" approach to leadership. She drives the continual improvement of our organization by implementing efficient management techniques, new pedagogical approaches and cultivating an environment for top-quality early years education daily.


Sarah Clabby

Chief Executive Officer, USA

Sarah is deeply inspired by the importance, potential and impact of early childhood education. With a background in marketing, she focuses on creating exceptional family and employee experiences.

Sarah graduated magna cum laude with a BA from Tufts University and earned her MBA at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

All our brands are unique, but we all grow together

At Babilou Family, our leaders and partners all share the same entrepreneurial DNA - and as a family-owned company, free from short-term ROI obligations, we can commit to an ambitious, long-term plan. We encourage all our partners to continuously improve their services and facilities, maintain the highest quality education standards and grow organically or through acquisitions. We drive their development while respecting their autonomy and identity.

Thanks to our strong financial backing, we are helping our family of entrepreneurs to grow :

  • We help them finance acquisitions and open new schools.
  • We share our early years education organizational experience (especially when there are 30+ under management).
  • We bring them resources and expertise through our teams at head office: quality management, IT systems, digital strategy, purchasing, M&A...
  • We organize regular meetings with fellow entrepreneurs to share experiences and best practices.

If you share our share our values and vision, if you are ambitious and want to develop your educational organization to help contribute to a better world, we should talk.

Want to become a Babilou Family Entrepreneur ?

If you share our values and vision, if you’re ambitious and want to help contribute to a better world, we should talk.

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Julie Koh
Co-CEO, Singapore
By capitalizing on best practices from around the world with our global presence, we aspire to play a better part to make a difference to each and every child's growing journey under our care.